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Best Friends

The Ultimate Bestie

I have really enjoyed seeing the resurgence of all things 90’s…especially the revival of one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry of my lifetime, The Best Friend Necklace. I don’t know why but it has made me feel so nostalgic for those good old days. Man, they were great days! Come with me! Let us take a quick trip down memory lane to 1989…I know I know, that’s one year shy of the 90’s but stick me kid, this is important. 

I had just moved to the US. Not only the US but to San Diego, which I will forever describe as “Heaven on Earth.” Everything was new to me. I did not have a good grasp on anything! Not on the new culture that I was expected to quickly assimilate to, not the new language I had to communicate in, nor the community that I so badly wanted to be a part of. I sat at home and watched endless hours of MTV back when they actually played music videos. I begged my mom for a “I Love Joey” button because I was in fact madly in love with Joey McIntyre and everything New Kids On The Block way before they were known as NKOTB. Why did they even become NKOTB? Unnecessary if you ask me. My bangs were high, my bike shorts neon, and my slap bracelets stacked.   

People who know me would never describe me as an introvert or anti-social. I crave community and connection. I remember wanting friends so badly when we had first moved here that it physically hurt. My brother was my exact opposite. The yin to my yang. He could sit home for hours playing Super Mario Brothers and eating cheese balls from Price Club. Me? I craved friends! 

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to say that in my lifetime I have been surrounded by the most incredible best friends. In all facets of my life I have experienced the unconditional love that comes with a “ride or die” type of partner in crime. The people who have entered (and sometimes exited) my life have been exactly what I needed, when I needed it and I cannot be more grateful for the solid friendships, unbelievable memories, and hilarious stories that I will cherish forever. But when I really think about that one friendship that actually shaped the person I am today it would hands down, without a doubt be my childhood BFF Tammy. It is fun to sit here as an adult and think back to the memories you once made with your childhood bestie. Tammy and I came from wildly different backgrounds, completely different family units but when we met in 1993 we were inseparable. My sister from another mister. We exchanged best friend heart necklaces from Claire’s in the mall. A physical representation of our unbreakable, unshakable bond. To this day I still smile when I drive by Tammy’s house when visiting my mom in San Diego, and reminisce about all the adventures we chased in our youth…and the mischief! Oh my goodness the mischief!