One-of-a-kind fingerprint jewelry to cherish and celebrate life's most precious people.

It's more than a great necklace. It's a story... as unique as the fingerprint it holds. 

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No matter what you choose

our one-of-a-kind keepsake jewelry is designed with love to crystalize the everlasting connection between you and the people who matter most.
No matter what you choose, our one-of-a-kind keepsake jewelry is designed with love to crystalize the everlasting connection between you and the people who matter most.

No one loves you like your momma.

Whether you’re shopping for your own mother, a mom you admire, or celebrating yourself, give a customized gift that shows her just how much you love her. She’d do anything for you, now it’s your turn.

Gone but never, ever forgotten.

Create a unique remembrance necklace to honor the bond between you and the loved one you’ve lost. There’s nothing more important to us than treasuring the physical connection that no amount of distance, space, or time can ever diminish.

Love Talla Letters

What clients are saying about their one-of-a-kind jewelry

I haven't taken them off since I received them.

I love wearing my 2 beautiful children's fingerprints near my heart at all times because they are truly my heart and soul. These necklaces are such a special and sentimental way to feel connected to the kids. I haven't taken them off since I received them. I also gifted a set to my mom. Because of the pandemic and the fact that my mom doesn't live in the same city as us, I wanted to make sure that she had a way to feel close to her grandkids. These are pieces we will cherish forever.


Thank you for creating such a beautiful concept.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful concept. I received Every Little Thing as my Mother's Day Gift and was so touched. It was fun trying to figure out which of the girl's fingerprints was where. We matched all 3 prints!


I wear them non-stop

I love my fingerprint necklaces. I chose to go with 2 different shapes to represent my beautiful daughters. I stack The Petal and The Love and they look really beautiful together. I wear them non-stop and I am always being complimented on them.


My loved ones are always with me

A gorgeous sun-RISE to remind me that my loved ones are always with me. I chose to have my 2 children and my husband all do overlapping fingerprints and have them represented on my pendant.


Thank you, Love Talla, for helping me

I lost my precious 13 yr. old son Matthew to pediatric cancer after two years of grueling treatment. All I had of Matthew was memories, photos, his belongings and his little fingerprints given to me by the funeral home. Thank you, Love Talla, for helping me create something beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind to wear and remember my son with love.


‘Friends are the Family You Choose'

Best friends never go out of style, and neither does the best friend necklace. True friends are one of life’s greatest gifts, so why not give an equally great fingerprint necklace?

Continue Your Story

Mix and match colors, textures, style, and unique personal meaning with these loving layers.

Layered or solo, our ‘Loving Layers’ collection has everything you need to add to your story, express yourself, and keep the most precious connections alive.

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lovetalla@lovetalla 💖Jessica + Jonathan Sitting in a Tree💖⁠⁠Sweetheart Fingerprint Necklaces are some of my favorite designs to help you create. ⁠⁠I love that Jonathan chose to create a necklace for Jessica with both of their ring fingerprints. ⁠⁠😍Here's a fun fact: The wedding band on the left-hand ring finger custom can be traced to the Romans, who believed that the ring finger of the left hand had a direct vein to the heart, symbolizing the love shared between two people. This vein was called the VENA AMORIS or the vein of love. ⁠⁠Thank you @youngutah for this amazing idea. I am sure many husbands are going to appreciate this idea. ⁠⁠#sweetheartnecklace #FingerprintNecklace #LoveTalla #Sweetheartgifts⁠⁠NOVEMBER 8 • View on Instagramlovetalla@lovetalla “How much did you pay to be in that magazine?” He asked.⁠⁠I paused. Not knowing how to answer that question. For a split second I wasn’t sure what he was talking about and then it dawned on me. He thinks I bought this accomplishment. ⁠⁠Wow. Really bro?!? ⁠⁠I don’t know if there is anything more exciting to a brand-new business than being featured, included, or even slightly mentioned in a national publication. Making it into the @wsj @readersdigest and now @girlslifemag is an absolute honor but what the dude, on the other end of the line, who is trying to sell me on advertising did not realize is, that I paid for this national publication with my blood, sweat and tears. ⁠⁠😵Late nights, ⁠😅hundreds of pitches that never get answered, ⁠🤑sample necklaces sent out for photography in good faith that never get published⁠⁠…it’s a hustle & a struggle. ⁠⁠Big kisses and lots of thank you’s to the ladies at Girls Life Magazine who saw the value in including a Love Talla fingerprint necklace in their November issue and a massive thank you for the fact that this publication always features fabulous young ladies on their cover such as @kyliecantrall ⁠⁠Big time congrats to you Kylie!!! ⁠⁠And, as always, to all the other mompreneures who are kind enough to follow this account. If you ever need advice on how to pitch yourself for PR, please reach out. #girlshelpinggirls ⁠⁠I owe all my PR knowledge to the following: @talesplash @sarahussey_pr ⁠⁠#LoveTalla #Fingerprintnecklaces#fingerprintjewelryNOVEMBER 1 • View on Instagramlovetalla@lovetalla I'm talking about the jewelry you sicko! 😂⁠⁠But in all seriousness, I love buying jewelry that I can see, touch and feel in person. So, if you are like me, and you find yourself in the Austin area this Nov/Dec, come visit! You'll know it's me bc I will be decked out in bling, and more than likely holding a glass of champagne. 🥂 ⁠⁠💖See Details Below💖 ⁠⁠✅November 5: 8212 Barton Creek CC Holiday Market: 10 am - 3 pm⁠Riverbend Church: 4214 Capital of Texas HWY⁠@8212_holiday_market⁠⁠✅November 10: Mom’s Night Out Event: 7 pm - 10 pm ⁠VUKA North Loop⁠Rhinestone Cowgirl Theme! It's a party!!! It always sells out. Buy Now!⁠@austinmomsblog⁠⁠✅November 16-20: A Christmas Affair: All Day Every Day⁠Palmer Events Center: 900 Barton Springs Road⁠@thejuniorleagueofaustin⁠⁠✅November 26: Spanish Oaks GC Winter Market: 4 pm - 8 pm ⁠Spanish Oaks Golf Club: 13001 Spanish Oaks Club Dr⁠@spanishoaksgc⁠⁠✅November 30: Deck The Drift: Driftwood Downtown Holiday Party⁠5 pm - 9:30 pm⁠Bad News: Private club so invite only; ⁠Good News: I have 10 invites!!! Wanna go? DM me.⁠319 Colorado St.⁠@driftwooddowntownatx⁠⁠✅December 4: Mini Market ATX: 10 am - 4 pm⁠Distribution Hall: 1500 E 4th St⁠Amazing event geared towards mamas and their minis⁠@shopminimarkets⁠⁠#fingerprintnecklace #fingerprintjewelry #LoveTalla #personalizedjewelryOCTOBER 20 • View on Instagramlovetalla@lovetalla Gift Box Giveaway!!! ⁠⁠I have always wondered how many last-minute gift givers there are out there. Here's my process. A month in advance I am invited to a fabulous dinner party. 3 minutes before I have to leave my house in order to arrive 35 mins late to said dinner party, I realize I don't have a gift. Grocery store. Same old bottle of wine. Meh. Offer bottle to host/hostess and hope they just hide my lame gift somewhere. ⁠⁠I'm on a mission to change and if you are just like me...keep reading.⁠⁠The Love Talla Gift Box Giveaway is under way, and it will solve all your "meh" gift experiences. ⁠⁠What I am gifting to you. A chance to WIN: ⁠⁠💖A Love Talla Gift Box that explain to your gift recipient what a custom fingerprint necklace is...⁠⁠💖A Love Talla Gift Card loaded with $225...⁠⁠💖A chance to be the greatest and most memorable gift giver of alllllllllll time⁠⁠I know now you are asking...But whom would I gift this to?⁠⁠Well, I am glad you asked bc these gift boxes are perfect for: ⁠⁠👩🏻‍🦰Mom⁠👩🏻‍🦳Grandma, Mimi, Nana, and my fave the Glammy⁠👨🏻‍💼Dad, brother, funcle... a dude. We have options for dudes now⁠!⁠🐶Dog Mom (or 😺Cat Mom, we don't discriminate)⁠👯‍♀️Besties⁠💔Anyone who has had a recent loss⁠⁠So go to the link in my bio and sign up pronto. But wait, that's not all 😂...5x your chances to win by tagging 5 of your friends who would love this gift box giveaway in the comments. ⁠⁠Winner announced 1st week of Nov. ⁠Winner must be following the IG account to receive this gift. ⁠⁠#giveaway #holidaygiveaway #LoveTalla #BestGifts⁠OCTOBER 15 • View on Instagram
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