One-of-a-kind fingerprint jewelry to cherish and celebrate life's most precious people.

It's more than a great necklace. It's a story... as unique as the fingerprint it holds. 

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No matter what you choose

our one-of-a-kind keepsake jewelry is designed with love to crystalize the everlasting connection between you and the people who matter most.
No matter what you choose, our one-of-a-kind keepsake jewelry is designed with love to crystalize the everlasting connection between you and the people who matter most.

No one loves you like your momma.

Whether you’re shopping for your own mother, a mom you admire, or celebrating yourself, give a customized gift that shows her just how much you love her. She’d do anything for you, now it’s your turn.

Gone but never, ever forgotten.

Create a unique remembrance necklace to honor the bond between you and the loved one you’ve lost. There’s nothing more important to us than treasuring the physical connection that no amount of distance, space, or time can ever diminish.

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What clients are saying about their one-of-a-kind jewelry

I haven't taken them off since I received them.

I love wearing my 2 beautiful children's fingerprints near my heart at all times because they are truly my heart and soul. These necklaces are such a special and sentimental way to feel connected to the kids. I haven't taken them off since I received them. I also gifted a set to my mom. Because of the pandemic and the fact that my mom doesn't live in the same city as us, I wanted to make sure that she had a way to feel close to her grandkids. These are pieces we will cherish forever.


Thank you for creating such a beautiful concept.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful concept. I received Every Little Thing as my Mother's Day Gift and was so touched. It was fun trying to figure out which of the girl's fingerprints was where. We matched all 3 prints!


I wear them non-stop

I love my fingerprint necklaces. I chose to go with 2 different shapes to represent my beautiful daughters. I stack The Petal and The Love and they look really beautiful together. I wear them non-stop and I am always being complimented on them.


My loved ones are always with me

A gorgeous sun-RISE to remind me that my loved ones are always with me. I chose to have my 2 children and my husband all do overlapping fingerprints and have them represented on my pendant.


Thank you, Love Talla, for helping me

I lost my precious 13 yr. old son Matthew to pediatric cancer after two years of grueling treatment. All I had of Matthew was memories, photos, his belongings and his little fingerprints given to me by the funeral home. Thank you, Love Talla, for helping me create something beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind to wear and remember my son with love.


‘Friends are the Family You Choose'

Best friends never go out of style, and neither does the best friend necklace. True friends are one of life’s greatest gifts, so why not give an equally great fingerprint necklace?

Continue Your Story

Mix and match colors, textures, style, and unique personal meaning with these loving layers.

Layered or solo, our ‘Loving Layers’ collection has everything you need to add to your story, express yourself, and keep the most precious connections alive.

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lovetalla@lovetalla They may be gone but they are never forgotten…⁠⁠It has been 10 years since my brother Amir passed away. But somehow, just like when he was alive, he has never missed a single B-day, V-day, X-mas, Persian New Year, or Mother’s Day. He was always the most thoughtful gift giver on the face of this earth, and I have tried hard to fill shoes that I know my feet won’t ever be able to fill. Yet year after year I try my best by sending my mom a stunning bouquet from @lovezenfloral and signing it from her 3 little birds, Amir, Talla and Lexi. ⁠⁠The name of this Love Talla necklace design (Every Little Thing) came straight from Amir himself. Amir fought hard to beat his cancer but there was a time in his battle that he realized his efforts were futile. That’s when he changed gears and started to prepare himself (and us) for the eventual end of his physical life here on earth. One of the things he always told us was that when he’s gone, every time we hear the song 3 Little Birds, that’s his way of showing us that he is around. ⁠⁠So, it felt right that a 3-station pendant that is adorned with his fingerprint, my fingerprint and Lexi’s fingerprint would be named after his and Bob’s song. ⁠⁠I still can’t get through the entire 3 Little Birds song without getting choked up and I am blinking through tears as I write this post. Mother’s Day can be an incredibly painful time of year for so many who have experienced loss in their life. Whether you are a mother who has lost a child or a daughter who has lost her mom, my heart goes out to you, and I want you to know that every little thing, is gonna be alright. ⁠⁠⁠#mothersdaygift #mothersdayideas #fingerprintjewelry⁠#LoveTalla #fingerprintnecklace #personalizedjewelryAPRIL 14 • View on Instagramlovetalla@lovetalla Fellow moms…Our day is approaching. Prepare yourselves…⁠⁠I remember my first Mother’s Day. May 2019. Lex was almost 5 months old; I was slowly dying in the throes of newborn hell. Zach asked me what I would like to do for my very first Mother’s Day. I excitedly told him that there is an adventure park near Austin that has zip lining, water slides, food, drinks…otherwise known as fun, which was something I was not having very much of during those months. His reply to me was…How will you do all these activities with a newborn in tow? Honestly, in my mind I was at that adventure park celebrating my very 1st Mother’s Day BY MYSELF. No baby. No husband. Just me, the zip lines, the wind through my hair and the fun. ⁠⁠Don’t get caught off guard this year. In case your baby daddy or baby mommy asks you what you want for Mother’s Day, here are some of my fave faves so you don’t end up with yet another robe. ⁠⁠PS. I love robes so that would be a win for me but according to Tina Fey, not everyone mom wants a robe. ⁠⁠Talla Approved Mother's Day Gifts ⁠⁠1)Shameless Love Talla plug: A fingerprint necklace of your baby or babies’ fingerprint(s) (or footprint) to cherish all the moments…even the tough ones. ⁠⁠Only 11 days left to order & upload fingerprints/footprints/paw prints to have the necklace in your hands before Mother’s Day!⁠⁠2)A day or night away! An adventure park, spa, or even just a hotel room that has room service + a fully charged iPad so you can truly Netflix & Chill ⁠⁠3)Matching Mommy & Me Tie Dye Lounge Wear from @shopmilaandme customized with whatever you want by @frankiejean. I got Mommy & Monkey for Lex and me plus a combo tie dye of our fave colors: pink & purple ⁠⁠4)Turn your baby’s first picture (ultrasound or little embryo photo for my IVF mommies) into a stunning piece of art from @kelmurphydesigns to cherish for a lifetime. ⁠⁠pic of me and 5 month old Lexi looking out at the ocean @rosewoodmiramarbeach⁠⁠#happymothersday #momsday⁠#momgiftideas #giftsformoms #shopformom #lovetalla #fingerprintnecklacesMARCH 24 • View on Instagramlovetalla@lovetalla Happy Nowruz Everyone! ⁠⁠Happy Spring equinox. March 20 @ 10:33 am CDT: A time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal after a long, cold winter. Ok so Austin hasn’t really been that cold this winter but I am ready for Bluebonnets and baby chicks! Bring on the Spring! ⁠⁠One of the more exciting customs of Persian New Year is to pass out crisp dollar (sometimes $5, $10 and in good economic years it was $50) bills by the elders of the family to the youngens. ⁠⁠One of my fondest memories I have of Persian New Year is of my grandfather Hamid Hamid. Yes, he had 2 first names and they were the same name. Not sure about the story behind that but I probably should ask my mom about it…I digress: my fondest memory is of Hamid Jaan (Jaan = term of endearment) throwing down $ from the banister of my childhood home. I realize now that he was “makin’ it rain” but in a totally wholesome way. ⁠⁠I remember the joy that my brother and I would feel waiting for those bills to rain down on us and the epic wrestling matches we got into trying to grab as much dough as possible. He wanted more @Nintendo games. I wanted the @Barbie dream house and matching dream car (no surprise there). ⁠⁠This Persian New Year I want to make sure that Lexi knows about her Persian roots. I have mentioned before that we are a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural family and it is important to me to present all the opportunities for her to learn about her Iranian culture. ⁠⁠Thanks to @mysensorycelebrations Lexi will be presenting all her preschool friends with a Persian New Year Sensory Kit and a cute little card explaining all about Nowruz and its many gifts. ⁠⁠#nowrouz #PersianNewYear #IranianCulture #springequinox #LoveTalla⁠MARCH 20 • View on Instagramlovetalla@lovetalla Happy Purim Queen Esther & Queen Vashti! Women’s History Month Lesson coming through...⁠⁠Esther - A story of bravery, palace intrigue, and, of course, the origins of Purim – has always held a special place in my heart ever since I learned about it in my “Becoming Jewish 101” classes. ⁠⁠On Purim we celebrate the story of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai, who thwarted a nefarious plot by Haman – advisor to the Persian King Ahasuerus – to annihilate the Israelites.⁠⁠I highly suggest you read about Queen Esther’s story of heroism BUT I also want to send a giant high 5 to Queen Vashti. Queen Vashti was the Persian King’s first wife. A stunning beauty unlike any other woman before her. She refused to allow the King to unveil her in front of the palace. He wanted to show off her beauty to his Princes and at that time it was synonymous to asking her to be naked in front of everyone. She refused! Stood her ground with the King and set her boundaries. Never faltered even when she knew he would end her life over it. I realize this story is very intense but man, check out her courage. Her refusal to bend to anyone or accept any abuse! I bow down to both Queens. ⁠⁠It was by no accident that in March 2017 I held my Bridal Shower on Purim. It was the perfect Purim/Bridal Shower Celebration: festive, costumes, all my Purim Princesses in attendance, more Persian food than anyone could ever eat, face painting, over-the-top-debauchery…it was Pure Purim Perfection. ⁠⁠#jewishholidays #hamantaschen #lovetalla #queenesther #queenvashtiMARCH 17 • View on Instagram