Finding A Loved One's Fingerprint After They Have Passed Away

Anyone who has ever experience profound loss knows how traumatic it is to be without your special person. To all my readers who have lost a cherished soul, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels and how much you miss just being able to hold their hand one more time. Being able to hold your lost loved one’s hand again was the inspiration behind the creation of Love Talla fingerprint pendants. Below are a few ways that you can obtain your loved one’s fingerprint so that you can forever feel connected to your special person.


Funeral homes often fingerprint the beautiful souls they help prepare in order to be able to provide you with a way to create remembrance keepsakes at a later time. These folks are incredibly kind and helpful and will do everything they can to help you.


In many states the DMV or Department of Public Safety will fingerprint people when granting them the privilege to drive. Give them a call, or send them an email and explain to them that you are trying to create a remembrance keepsake from their fingerprint. They may agree to send you a digital version of your loved one’s fingerprint.


Once your loved one passes away you become the inheritor of all things documented. Take another look at those boxes piled high with their belongings. You may come across an old document or an old passport that has their fingerprint on it from a time when we used to officially sign things with our unique signature and print.


Notary publics are required to hold on to their booklets for as long as they are serving the public and providing their services. If your loved one ever notarized anything and you can track down the notary public who was their witness, you can request a copy or picture of your loved one’s fingerprint.


All soldiers have their fingerprints taken. So, if you’re hoping to figure out how to make a Love Talla fingerprint pendant for a loved one who was in the military, check their paperwork or ask the military office where they are registered.


I once had a customer who was just like me, a bereaved sibling. She lost her brother a few years ago and wanted to create a fingerprint pendant to keep him close to her heart.  Unfortunately, the funeral home did not have his fingerprint BUT she remembered that he had been arrested a couple of times. She contacted the police department that had booked him, explained what she was trying to create, and was able to get his fingerprint from his arrest records. She told me it was the only time that she was extremely happy about the trouble her brother got himself into.