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Page and Charles Sweethearts

From 'Hola' to Forever: A Love Story 30 Years Strong

From 'Hola' to 'I Do': Join this adorable couple's 30-year love saga, complete with middle school notes, a ballet stage proposal, and the cutest fingerprint necklaces that tell their story with every touch!

Discovering true love at a young age is a profound experience, and when you find that love in your life, you know deep inside that person will complete your heart forever. Thirty years ago, a girl and a boy met in middle school Spanish class, sitting next to each other. Who would have known it all started with "Hola"? For weeks and months, they wrote cute little notes and passed them to one another while in class or seeing each other in the halls. They ate lunch together and hung out at pep rallies, all while connecting their fingerprints in their new step of holding hands. They went on their first date to the movies, and while this was still puppy love, they coincidentally saw the movie "Beethoven the dog." Their love from that point became stronger and stronger as the boy (Charles) and the girl (Page) became boyfriend and girlfriend. Page, just fresh into the relationship, knew he was the one; she had a feeling deep inside and was the first to say, “I Love You”! They both vividly remember their little handwritten notes saying, “PMM…Please Marry Me.” Charles secretly knew she was the one and would start writing that at the bottom of all her letters.

 Their love continued through the later part of middle school and into high school, where they were inseparable and were voted High School Sweethearts their Senior Year. Most relationships, being at a young age, wouldn’t survive into college, but they had the same path in life (different college majors) and wanted to continue their story until their happy ending! They wanted to go to the same university, so they worked very hard to get to that goal. Even though they had different majors and no classes together, they spent so much time together off-campus or while studying in the library. Charles was very driven for all his college days, but Page truly wanted to graduate and start their life together. While in their junior year of college, they traveled to Seattle for Spring Break. Charles and Page, growing up in the same town since birth, wanted to explore and see what other places could be a possibility for life after college, so when they saw what Seattle could offer them, they decided Seattle would be their new home after graduation.

During college, Page continued her dancing; she danced ballet from the age of 3 and all the way up for 21 years after that. When performing at the Nutcracker Ballet in her Senior year of college, she decided that would be her final show. Charles knew this and knew she had a dream to one day be proposed to on stage while in costume. Her dreams came true on Dec 15. Page stood on stage at what would be her final ballet to give her final curtsy with all her ballet cast behind her, and Charles came from behind the wings holding flowers, a small decorative pillow, and a small box. She stood with her ballet costume on, toe shoes, and hair tight in a bun and butterflies in her stomach as she knew what he was going to say as he graced the stage with his presence. Even though he had a very planned-out speech, all she remembers are a few lines. One line being “she is so beautiful” and the audience all saying “ahhhhh.” He pulled out the small decorative pillow and placed it on the ground. He wiped his brow and took a breath. The words just fell out of his mouth as he kneeled on one knee, “with my parents behind me, and your parents behind me, I want to ask you a very special question today…will you marry me and be my beautiful wife,” and of course, her leg kicked up in the back because she was truly so excited to start their forever life together. This question she had waited for, for so many years. When Charles proposed to Page, they had been in their relationship for 10 years already! The audience screamed in excitement, and Page showed off her ring over his shoulder to the audience and, of course, said “YES”!

They graduated that year from college and had jobs lined up already in Seattle to begin their life adventure. Most of their family couldn’t believe they were leaving their small town in California for what was then a big city. They rented a beautiful apartment in a high rise in downtown Bellevue, which was on Lake Washington just outside Seattle. They planned their wedding from Seattle since it would take place in their hometown of California. April 2004 came, and they couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle together and become husband and wife. What a special day with 300 of their closest friends and family embracing them with so much love and support.

Page and Charles continued their life together while going through many ups and downs as husband and wife. Page lost her daddy, and who would have known the last time she danced with him would be at their wedding the year before. Several years later, they had a baby boy who was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and was told would never walk, talk, see or hear…but Charles and Page held on strong together. They cherished life every day and still held hands like they were kids. Fast forward several years, they moved to Austin and tried for another baby. Page finally got her little powerful princess who has healed her broken heart from their son's diagnosis.

Celebrating 30 years together in 2023, Page wanted to create something from the heart and truly special. She took her fingerprint and his fingerprint and made a beautiful fingerprint keepsake necklace from Love Talla for her to wear every day. She picked the most gorgeous 14K Yellow Gold necklace called The Rise, to cherish daily. She couldn’t wait to create a beautiful statement piece for Charles to wear as well, so that’s what she did this past Christmas. She did all 4 of their fingerprints, Page, Charles, Charlie and Paisley, but what was even more special was she took handwriting from one of the letters she wrote to Charles in middle school, and had the kids write their names, and she had it all engraved on the back.

The Love Talla “LT Love Tag” in Silver was such a special gift to give Charles and one he will cherish for the rest of his life. They started 30 years ago holding hands and already meshing their fingerprints together, who would have known their fingerprints will continue to touch through their necklaces as they now hold each other close to their hearts forever. Cheers to love at first sight!