How it Works

Has your loved one passed away?
  • Step 1

    Step 1


  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Instantly receive instructions in your email & SMS

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Take a clear, in focus, picture of the finger pad that you want to have engraved on your pendant

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Enjoy your pendant in 3-4 weeks

  • Step 1: LIGHTING

    Make sure there is as much light as possible when taking a photo of your finger subject

  • Step 2: FOCUS

    Tap on your phone’s screen on the image of the finger being photographed to focus your camera. Take the shot.

  • Step 3: DOUBLE CHECK

    Zoom in on your photograph. If you can see the arches, loops and whorls of the finger’s print on your picture then you have taken a great photo to be transformed into a fingerprint. Upload it to the link sent to you.

Let's go old school, with the pencil & scotch tape method

  • Step 1: PENCIL & TAPE

    Use a pencil (graphite) to darken a portion of a piece of paper. Rub the upper section of your loved one’s finger across the graphite on the paper.

  • Step 2: TRANSFER

    Place a piece of clear tape onto your darkened finger section; press gently capturing the entire pattern, peel and stick it on white paper.

  • Step 3: DOUBLE CHECK

    Take a picture of it with your phone’s camera. Zoom in and double check that you can see the print. Upload it to the link sent to you.

Note: The pinkies are the hardest to see so pick any other finger if possible.

Already have the fingerprint?

Has your loved one passed away and you have a copy of their fingerprint?

Take a clear and focused photo with your phone’s camera. You can then use the upload link sent to you at the time of purchase to create a Love Talla remembrance necklace.

If you need help finding the fingerprint of a loved one who has passed away, please read our blog post Read more for help or contact us at