You Are My Sunshine

When heartbreak strikes, we have two options. We can succumb to its force over or we can choose to heal, overcome, and rise above.

Two Stories. One Song. Infinite Love.

During the one and half years that my brother fought cancer, I made it my mission to be by his side as much as physically possible, cherishing every second we had together. Even while he slept, I wanted him to know he wasn’t alone. As he rested, I lay next to him and sang the first verse of “You Are My Sunshine” on repeat. 

You are my sunshine 
My only sunshine 
You make me happy 
When skies are gray 
You’ll never know, dear 
How much I love you 
Please don’t take my sunshine away
The Rise, my signature design, is grounded in the heartbreak and healing that is the symbol of the sun, bursting through the darkness. 

 And just like the sun, The Rise also represents the warmth that a new day can bring.

Shortly after launching Love Talla,

a customer reached out to request a uniquely custom version of The Rise, for his wife. I knew it was important to him that the symbol of the sun was prominent, but what I never could have expected was the awe-inspiring story that forever expanded the meaning of this signature necklace. 

After a 15 year-long battle with infertility, this husband and wife couple was on the verge of giving up on the dream of having a child. He shared that it felt like they were in the midst of a dark storm, with no direction out. After years of devastating heartbreak, they were finally matched with a beautiful woman who offered to be their surrogate and give them the ultimate gift…their little boy. ⁠ 
Today, this fierce momma lovingly refers to her toddler son as her “sunshine” and sings “You Are My Sunshine” to him, at least twice a day. To this family, their son is the golden rays of sunshine that beam even more brightly once the skies have cleared. 
Once I heard the story of this wonderful family, I suddenly saw the song that once held my pain also represented another person’s incredible joy and infinite love. I realized that every dark valley I had to face in order to launch Love Talla, was well worth it. 

Since then, I have seen beautiful story after beautiful story being told through The Rise. ⁠ 

What story will The Rise tell for you? 

We Rise Together

Love Letters

Even more beautiful than the photos!

"Thank you so much for making this jewelry which has a special everlasting memory for me."

- Mojdeh Dec. 2021

Paw Print Christmas Present was a hit

"I ordered a paw print necklace for my daughter. Love Talla made it so easy. I just had to send in a picture of her doggie's paw. The necklace looks beautiful. She loved her Christmas present."

- Stephanie Dec. 2021

No words can fully thank this company

"I LOVE my necklaces. I have 3 kids and decided to get a necklace for each one as a b-day gift to myself. I am so blown away at how beautiful they are. I got The Love, The Rise & The Petal and I wear them layered. Talla adjusted the lengths of the chains so that they would sit perfectly in layers. I get compliments on my necklaces ALL THE TIME!"

- Rebecca Dec. 2021

Tears of joy...incredibly special

"I bought this Love Talla pendant for my daughter in law and I just happened to be at her house when it arrived. She opened the beautiful pink box and loved the pendant but when I told her that the fingerprint on it is of her daughter she actually started crying tears of joy. I'm so glad I was there to experience this special moment. I bought a couple more and can't wait for the other girls to receive them!"

Liz Apr. 2021

FIL's Fingerprint Remembrance Necklace

"I thought it would be a sweet remembrance gift to give my mother-in-law. My father-in-law passed away and unfortunately the funeral home did not take his fingerprints. I contacted Talla and she helped me obtain my father in laws fingerprint electronically from when he applied for his Driver's License. The necklace turned out so beautiful and I know it is a piece that my MIL will cherish forever."

Collette Dec. 2021
This stunning daily wear pendant is carefully crafted with the fingerprint of someone you love, to remind you of its ever-present power, shining even when they aren’t near. 

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