My daughter made me this beautiful pendant of my son’s fingerprint to celebrate the incredible human being that he is. I lost my son to cancer when he was only 32 years old. It is something that a prent should never have to experience. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t miss him. This meaningful fingerprint pendant is such a beautiful representation of him, his mark that he left on my life and an amazing way to be able to reach out and touch a part of him when I am thinking about him. I love that it hangs close to my heart every single minute of every single day. I will cherish this piece of him forever.


I was not able to see my adorable little granddaughter for almost an entire year due to the Pandemic. It was really lonely and I felt quite isolated from my family. My daughter in law decided to surprise me with a thoughtful gift of my little granddaughter’s fingerprint engraved on a beautiful pendant. It has become my favorite piece of jewelry to wear. I haven’t taken it off since I received it. I absolutely love it!


My son gave me the most thoughtful mother’s day present! A pendant with my 2 granddaughter’s fingerprints engraved on it. It is such a meaningful gift! I love it and wear it all the time. My 2 granddaughters are 26 years apart but God has blessed me with 2 of the most beautiful little girls. It is fun to get to reexperience the toddler years with my newest granddaughter while I watch my first granddaughter grow into the wonderful, loving, caring young woman she has become. It’s a very pretty and unique piece. People ask me about it all the time and of course I love talking about my girls.


With mother’s day quickly approaching, I wanted to do something different this year and actually gift myself a meaningful necklace of the person whom I most look up to. The ultimate mother of all mothers…my mom! She is a true queen. So much grace, so much beauty, so much intelligence. She has lived an amazing life as well as an incredibly difficult life but like the legendary phoenix she somehow rises out of the ashes and spreads her magnificent wings and carries on. This is the part of my mother that I find most inspiring and want to emulate. Wearing her fingerprint around my neck makes me feel like I can harness that power of hers and take it with me wherever I go.