My Story



I create stylish and meaningful fingerprint jewelry so that you can always feel a connection to your loved ones. 



As a new mother, I was eager to capture my daughter’s impact on my life and heart in a memorable way. Name necklaces were beautiful, but I wanted something that was unique, truly one-of-a-kind, a piece that a busy mom could wear day or night. But the foundation of Love Talla began much earlier…

In July of 2011, my vibrant brother Amir bravely surrendered to his battle with cancer. In his young life, he beamed love and energy all the time, even during his most trying days. I wanted to capture that beautiful spirit and carry it around with me. I had a vision of wearing a gorgeous necklace that tells the story of the two souls that have left the most profound imprint on my life. A necklace with my brother’s fingerprint, as a daily reminder to love my life, a message he left behind as his legacy, and the other of my spunky little daughter, to remind me for whom I am living this life for.


  • I believe that the most beautiful jewelry tells a story.
  • I believe that your jewelry pieces should be as extraordinary as the person wearing them.
  • I believe that your jewelry becomes priceless because of the story you breathe into them.
  • I believe that your experience of ordering, receiving and wearing your jewelry should be as beautiful as the jewelry itself.