Proper Love & Care

The story that you whisper into a Love Talla piece makes it a priceless and timeless treasure so let us care for it that way.

Taking great care of your treasured jewelry will help maintain its beauty, shine and lifespan. Below we will offer a short course on the Proper Love and Care of your Love Talla necklace.

Our proprietary process takes measures against the natural fading of gold plating, however…gold plating by nature can fade over time. What we can control is the speed at which it fades.

The Rules:

  • Keep your jewelry out of the sweat sesh, shower, and hair routine
  • Avoid any contact with harsh chemicals. If you are planning a heavy duty cleaning session or running a science experiment with volatile compounds, best to take your beautiful jewelry off.

Jewelry Care

An easy way to keep your pieces looking amazing is to rub them gently with a polishing cloth. You can also keep your pendant shining bright by taking a bowl with a mixture of warm water and mild dish detergent and letting the jewelry soak for a few minutes. Once soaked, rinse with water and dry with a polishing cloth. For the times you are not wearing the jewelry, we recommend keeping it individually packed in a soft pouch or bag.